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Treasure Hunter lava Lamps + Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Live on Steam

Have you noticed that treasure chest you see when you log into the game? You probably have. You might even open one or two Treasure Hunter chests every day. If you do, you know that they give some nice stuff.

Starting at 00:00 UTC, on 26th May, you will be able to loot Lava Lanterns when you open Treasure chests. This promotion will end on the 30th of May, at 23:59 UTC.

To open these chests, you need keys, which can be gained by logging in everyday (1 for f2p players, 2 for members). You can also get keys by playing the game, cashing in bonds, or just straight up buying them.

Once you get a Lava Lantern. You can use them just like normal XP lamps. They do not give the same benefit, however. Lava Lanterns will give you 75% of of the XP you would get from an XP lamp of the same strength, however, you will also receive the same amount of XP as bonus XP. For an example, a large XP lamp gives 10000 XP. When you open a large Lava Lantern, you will get 7500 XP, plus additional 7500 bonus XP.

The second news we wanted to discuss today is the full release of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends on Steam. It includes a new ranked system, with the first season already underway. By winning and climbing in rank, you will be able to earn unique card backs, titles, reward chests, and card packs to improve your decks. As we all know, Steam games come with a plethora of unlockable Steam achievements. You will also be able to get Steam trading cards.

While you don’t NEED Steam to play, you won’t get the Steam perks in that case, so it’s best to merge your accounts, keeping your progress from the open beta. If you wish to play this game on mobile devices, you have something to look forward to, as it will be available on smartphones and tablets later this year.

That’s everything for today. We hope you are as excited as we are and we will see you tomorrow.