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Cheap Runescape gold: different values of in-game currency

Each currency has different valued pieces: for example, US has dollars and cents that even go further with classification. You have dimes, nickels, quarters, pennies – all of which have different buying power. No wonder that virtual money was created with the same notion. That means there are “expensive” and “cheap” RuneScape gold pieces that differ in value.

Different pieces

Tradeable RuneScape currency (that you can exchange for products you want) can be differentiated into 5 groups:
• coins;
• archery tickets;
• rusty coins;
• trading sticks;
• zemomarks.

It is important to note that not every of these can be used for player trading. For example Rusty coins are only used in Daemonheim, archery tickets can only buy you Ranged items and Trading sticks can be used to get you clothes and some services in Tai Bwo Wannai. The expensive or cheap Runescape gold you want are coins or zemomarks.

But again, zemomarks can only be used in one location: New Varrock. If you destroy all of it, you will have to do quests in that land to get more. So the most valuable and widely used currency are the coins or gold pieces. These can also be used in the Grand Exchange where you can trade your items and get more coins. The Grand Exchange comes with limitations: while there are 8 trading slots, if you are not a pay-to-play member, you will get only 3.

Associations with real world money

As most games, Runescape tooks inspiration from the real world while creating its currency. For example Zemomarks reference the German mark which was used before the country adopted Euro as its main currency.

The difference also works when you think about real world money equivalent to virtual currency: cheap RuneScape gold will cost less to buy than other types of pieces. That means if you are willing to be trading game’s money, you should really pay attention in its value.

You can get various currencies in Runescape. The trouble is, you have to keep attentive – how are you going to sort them out, get more coins and how you are going to use them?