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RS money: in game budget plan

Budget is kind of like that doctor’s checkup you keep putting off: you know you should do it, but while nothing hurts, you don’t want to. But counting your income and expenses isn’t only for real world: it’s a good way to plan how you are going to spend your RS money.

Check your income

There are many ways how you can get more money in RuneScape. You should see which one of them is the best for you and decide how you can maximize your income. If you want to get money you should incest your time in these activities:
• Skilling. Not every skill can get you a lot of money though, so take some time to see which one gives you the most profit for least work. We would recommend Cooking (especially if you have developed your Cooking skill up to level 68, which allows you to make tuna potatoes), Mining, Runecrafting (if you have 91 level Runecrafting and 97 level Summoning, you can make runes that give you about 4 million coin profit);
• Mini games. Some of the mini games in Runescape offer you the opportunity to earn more RS money. One of them that you should check out is Barrows.
• Collecting and exchanging rare items. Of course, this might be the hardest task, as you have to complete quests, hope for good drops or dabble in exchange market by buying cheap items and hoping their prices will rise. But if you happen to get Blue Party hat, that’s instant profit for you.

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Limit your expenses

Another part of controlling your in-game finances, is planning your expenses. So first what you have to do if you have some money, is not to start buying a lot of stuff that maybe looks nice on your player but does little to nothing. This sounds very simple, but we see some players still fail at this. One more pointer – check your options before buying specific items. Just like in the real world, you have to be sure that the price – quality ratio is good.

Perhaps having a budget of how to deal with RS money is not so necessary, but it sure helps. You can plan better, create worthwhile strategies and allocate your resources more purposefully.