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RuneScape 3 Mobile – 7 Things Players Know So Far

So, word on the street is, some 2,000 players have already gotten their grubby hands on RuneScape Old School Mobile beta version. Lucky! But while everyone’s talking about OSRS, let’s not forget that RuneScape 3 is coming on mobile in 2018, too. We believe it’s about time to shine some light on the other half of the dynamic duo!

Ladies and gents, let’s talk shop about RuneScape 3 Mobile.

Why hello there, good-looking. Say, what are you doing after the next 5 or 6 months?

Unlike Old School, there wasn’t much of a commotion when Jagex announced that they’ll be porting the shinier incarnation of the game to phones and tablets. Players were told upfront that RuneScape will be coming to mobile devices “hot on the heels of” OSRS, so most of the hype naturally shifted to the earlier release. The situation wasn’t helped by the total silence on the part of the devs, either.

We ain’t kidding. Look, we know we’ve said that Jagex has been unnaturally quiet when it comes to sharing juicy tidbits about OSRS Mobile, but that’s strictly kid stuff compared to RuneScape 3 communications. If not for a recent update, we might’ve forgotten entirely that RS3 Mobile was hot in development.

So you might be asking, what DO we know about the mobile version of OSRS’s younger brother? Well, we know that…

1. It will be the full game, not a mobile-only experience


Some of you were worried that Jagex was planning to make RuneScape Mobile into a mockery of its desktop glory. Dry your tears, brave Gielinorians, for this isn’t RS3 Lite – it’s the full version of the game, made to fit neatly in your pocket.   

The devs aren’t planning on making mobile-exclusive worlds or content. Instead, you’ll connect directly to the live game and join PC players on your adventures.


2. It will be available on both Android and iOS


You read that right – no more picking sides! RuneScape will follow OSRS Mobile to Google Play and the App Store as soon as it’s ready.

Sadly, it looks like Windows Phone and Linux users will get shafted yet again. But don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted on the RS3 Mobile experience to keep you in the loop!


3. It will be free – for the most part


While you won’t have to pay anything to get the game on your phone, unlike its older sibling, RS3 will come to mobile devices with microtransactions in tow.

MTX will come in the form of the good ol’ Treasure Hunter and Solomon’s Store, once again tempting crafty players to break their fingers and credit card limits in their quest to look absolutely fabulous!

Pictured above: earning cash the old-fashioned way.

Just like the PC version, RuneScape Mobile will offer players a selection of free worlds, but the real meat of the game will be locked behind membership. While this might discourage casual players looking for a quick gaming fix on the go, desktop veterans will be happy to find that they don’t have to pay an extra subscription to play on all game worlds and access all content on their phone.


4. It won’t eat too much data, but the initial download will be rough


The recent shocking revelations about current OSRS Mobile data consumption levels have caused real concern that RuneScape 3 Mobile will prove to be a real drain on your phone plan.

Thankfully, while it’s hard to draw accurate predictions based solely on the available anecdotal evidence, so far it seems that the app will top out at around 10 MB/hour at max settings, coming down to around 1 MB/hour with the music turned off.

The download itself is a whole different kind of beast, though. Rumor has it that the cache will take up to 4GB, so you’ll probably want to download the game over WIFI before you leave for your mountain retreat.


5. It will feature a fairly standard mobile control scheme


Jagex doesn’t seem to be trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to RuneScape Mobile UI. Tap to left-click. Hold your finger down to right-click. Pinch or swipe the screen to move the camera. Simple stuff, really. Jagex will also be adding Interface Scaling to facilitate tactile gameplay.

“But wait”, we hear you ask, “left-clicks and right-clicks in a mobile game?” While certainly unorthodox, the devs have stated that they plan to replicate the desktop game as closely as possible, and that means no shortcuts for fat fingers.

While this does put mouse-and-keyboard RuneScape players at a certain advantage, the gap doesn’t seem too big at the moment and will only narrow down with further testing.

The controls are not yet perfect, but they get the job done.


6. It will let you minimize the game to do other stuff on your device


Being able to play RuneScape on the go is great, but your phone has other uses, too. Fortunately, you won’t have to keep restarting the app just to take calls or have a quick look around the net.

The RS3 app will be minimized automatically when you switch to another task and will happily run in the background until you’re done. Do keep in mind, however, that you’ll still be logged into the game, so try to go AFK somewhere safe – the game will log you out eventually, but nobody wants to be greeted by their character’s naked corpse after they finish talking to Grandma.

RS3 Mobile won’t have any in-built voice chat functionality, but the game will let you run any compatible app for communications as you play. This also extends to music – apps like Spotify and the like will let you listen to your favorite songs on your journeys around Gielinor.


7. It will still let you spend gold you buy from RSgoldpot


RuneScape Mobile is still a ways off, so even the things we take for fact in this article may eventually turn out to be fiction after the beta. One thing’s clear, though – since mobile and desktop will share accounts, RSgoldpot will still be your top choice for adding fun to your RS experience.

Because that’s really the heart of it – your limited gaming time should be spent on fun, not chores. And when the good stuff’s locked behind hours of boring, we help you skip right to the action.

With a few simple clicks, you can buy RuneScape gold at low, low prices and have it delivered to your character in minutes. Trusted by more than 10,000 satisfied customers, RSgoldpot works hard to ensure that you are always at the top of your game.

We won’t be seeing RuneScape Mobile for a while yet. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted of any developments. So far, it’s shaping up to be a real treat!