How to Sell & Buy RuneScape Gold Safely

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What is real-world trading?

Generally speaking, real-world trading is an act of exchanging real-world goods, mostly money, for RuneScape items or the other way around. Although various items can be involved into the trade, most commonly, it is about buying and selling RS3 or OSRS gold.

Are there any RuneScape gold buying limits?

In short, there are no limits for buying or selling RuneScape gold.

We believe this common misconception is related to trade limits of Grand Exchange. While it applies to various items that you can buy or sell on Grand Exchange, it doesn’t apply to RWT (real-world trading, incl. selling or buying gold).

How to sell or buy RuneScape gold safely?

Go to a reliable RuneScape gold website like Do you see the Buy RS3, Buy OSRS or Sell Gold buttons at the top bar? Click on either one, depending on what kind of gold are you interested in getting or giving away. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter the amount and your RS name.
  2. Click “Buy now”.
  3. Pay using one of the safe payment options.
  4. Connect to the Live Chat at the bottom right corner to inform about your purchase.

Done! Your gold will be delivered within 5min after your order is verified.

How much my RuneScape gold is worth?

As with regular currencies, the price of RuneScape gold varies, too. The easiest way to check how much money you would get for your RS gold is to check our calculator:

Can I be banned for buying RuneScape gold?

There are speculations circling around the community about the so-called ban rate of real-world trading and, as a serious RuneScape player, the last thing you want is to be banned from the game. But guess what?

There have been no recorded cases of people being banned for buying or selling RS gold. If you use reliable RS gold selling sites, you are more than good to go!

Don’t believe rumours that lack confirmation. As we have said, there aren’t any known cases of players being banned for trading RuneScape gold. If you heard that someone was banned, it’s most likely for some kind of fraudulent activity, e.g. buying illegally obtained gold from scammers.

We have a strict thorough policy towards inspecting our RuneScape gold sellers. So you can be certain that our RS gold is 100% safe to buy. 

What are the benefits of RS gold selling sites?

  • All orders are confirmed really fast – you will get your gold within 5 minutes.
  • You can be calm about your delivery – if it gets lost, you will get a full refund.
  • They are safe and trustworthy, since the gold on sites like is collected by simple players like you and is legally bought from them.

How to avoid RuneScape gold scams?

Don’t buy from unreliable forums and suspicious web pages. Stick to the RuneScape gold selling sites with good reputation.

Which RuneScape sites are legit and safe?

Look into legit RuneScape gold sites like, where simple players like yourself sell RS3 or OSRS gold that they have collected. RuneScape Goldpot has been trading gold for years and has built a reputation of legit and fair gold selling website with very professional service. Not only is it the best place to buy RuneScape gold, but it is also the best way to avoid scammers.

Such legit RS gold sites accept PayPal, so you can be sure that you are protected. If you want to use Skrill, Western Union, Bank Transfer or BTC you are free to use the 24/7 Live Chat to help you pay using these methods.

Now that you are ready to sell OSRS or RS3 gold and know that you’re safe to do it through the RuneScape gold selling site, you can improve your gaming experience this very instant!

Don’t waste any more time! Buying and selling your gold has never been easier!

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